This is Tramp

He is a black dog.  He is also a kneecapper if you are standing in his way in a doorway.  He is also a prodigious licker of plates and icing off cakes.  If you show him a sack of dog food he will jump into it up to his hairy elbows.  If you leave him with a sack of food he will eat himself to the very point of death.  If you don’t leave him with a sack of food I strongly suspect he will plot how to get hold of one anyway.

Anyway, as I said, this is Tramp: look into his eyes.

(Tomorrow, meet Jerry.  Jerry is a black dog…)

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  1. The Wray Barton Wrecking Crew

    Tramp is also incapable of walking past a bin without either putting his paw on the pedal and opening the lid, or snuffling the lid up with his nose and reaching his neck in so far that both of his front legs come off the ground, and he makes little grubbing pig-like noises as he snuffles around in there licking anything he can, presuming that the lid on top of his head has concealed his act.

  2. Hahaha – Tramp = degenerate.

    Aptly named it turns out!

  3. Stephen Foster

    Can I assume that that guilty look is his permanent expression?

  4. Yup, permanently guilty. Unlike Jerry, who looks permanently persecuted.

  5. Does that mean we too could be reincarnated as a Tramp?


  6. loving the blacknees

  7. Ness ness the blackness

  8. black knees are just as groovy – you’ve given me an idea!

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