This is Jerry

Jerry is the Senior Partner in the Wray Barton Wrecking Crew Labrador Division.

He has bragging and tennis ball rights which he exercises without  fear or favour.

He is so black and so labrador that he defies a quick snap in a rented kitchen – he demands a studio portrait.

Sorry mate.

He is actually awake, but is refusing to co-operate

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  1. The Wray Barton Wrecking Crew

    Jerry has asked me to tell you that he is disappointed that you have portrayed him as having a less controversial and interesting life than Tramp, and is in talks with his legal team about the matter. In the intervening period he has asked me to remind you about the following scandals of which he is proud:

    – escaping from the drunk pet sitter to go and eat a pound of butter and play around in the sileage at the farm up the road.
    – vomiting said butter and sileage all over the back seat of my car on the way home from the drunk pet sitter’s, resulting in a permanent smell of parmesan in the car and it henceforth being known as the vomit comet.
    – eating socks and tennis ball skins, before throwing them up again and leaving them as unidentifiable piles around the house.
    – falling in the swimming pool as a puppy, and forever more having a fear of jumping into the water, thus always requiring use of the Roman steps
    – stealing half a freshly-baked Mallorcan almond cake after training and encouragement from Uncle Zeek.
    – pretending he was a hippo as he rolled around in a peat bog on the moor one hot day.
    – his insistence to sit on the picnic bench alongside his owner when visiting an ale house.
    – running into the neighbour’s house to steal the cat food, having been egged on by Margot.

    These are just a few, and we shall return with a full statement shortly.

    Jerry le Bear
    The number 1 dog

  2. I am in awe of JB – couldn’t you tell?

    And you speak for him far more eloquently than I can 🙂

  3. Could Ezekiel possibly have a spot? He has led a far more interesting and dangerous life than the pampered Wray Barton 2 – and soon there will be a Wray Barton 4 and he merits attention on both these bases.

  4. Of course he can. He’s the Godfather after all. And I suppose we had better have Big Bad and Bold Bertie Bollox too otherwise there will be trouble.

    Send me snaps x

  5. Oh and I need Margot? But I can’t do her voice.

  6. Stephen Foster

    Vomit Comet.

    Very good, I do hope its a Cicktröen

  7. It was a SickEatAahTasty. But it’s dead – Emily killed it.

  8. The Wray Barton Wrecking Crew

    It’s not technically dead. The corpse was bought by a Polish man from Ilfracombe who arrived with a low loader and a wodge of cash just after dawn some 12 hours after I listed the carcass on the ebay. I believe it rides again, and this experience forced me to admit that it was a boy racer’s car and thus was highly desirable, even with a written-off engine. I blame the one lady owner it had before me.

    Choose a pic of Maggot off of FB, and I’ll email you the high res.

    • Is Maggot a new pet name for Queen Margot or just a typo? And if we’re getting on to cats I’d proffer that Jellicle and Pushkin (the flabby, baggy, saggy tabby) get first dibs over all other cats and dogs. They have the weight and smelly teeth of many years behind them vs Devon upstarts. And what of La Bibi? Miaow.

      • There’s a queue. I have the Beckett Bovver Boys to do first judging by my inbox.

        Keep the pics coming and they’ll go in. We’ll rival that Guardian slot they used to run on the weekend – me and my pet. The Fluffmeister Stella was in it once.

    • Will do. You and AMB must hold the record for car-killing prior to resurrection by Devon/Polish boys.

  9. I like the layout of your blog and I’m going to do the same thing for mine. Do you have any tips? Please PM ME on yahoo @ AmandaLovesYou702

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