Bingo Little

No, I haven’t taken up another financially draining pursuit. Bingo Little is the rather marvellously named new addition to the menagerie at the Moggie Motel in Navan from whence the Rudster came.

The Moggie Motel is notable, not only for the fantastic gardens the cattery overlooks (check out the link), but for being the first Feline Advisory Board approved cattery in Ireland. This accreditation is rarer than hens’ teeth (that’s the teeth of many hens Emily if you’re reading). I have tried to get our Bibi in one, but you need to book years in advance, so it’s a pity Navan’s not down the road.

Anyway, Bingo Little has been rehomed with Xena the Warrior Princess Yorkie and Meg the lurcher plus others, after suffering bullying by the two other chihuahuas he lived with. Look at that face; how could they?

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