Meet Mr Origami

He’s a martial arts expert and I made him at TAP at the weekend. In case you were wondering TAP is a most cool and groovy space that has conveniently opened over the road from me, opposite the pub and next door to the mosque in the old waterworks. For photos of the current exhibition visit chocolategirl’s excellent blog.

As you can see I am no expert, but the mountain and valley folds foxed even the most crafty creatives on my table, including the kids. He was the original, but then I was forced to make a whole family.

I’m a bit proud of him.

WARNING: Don't look directly into his eyes

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  1. love his fluffy tail:
    thanks for plug:
    afternoons of folding paper are such fun:

  2. You’re welcome – your exhibition photos are a must see in my book!

  3. Stephen Foster

    Is the Theme ‘orange-ness?’

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