The Makemeadiva Budget (with orange undertones)

Sometimes I feel like my head’s been in a deep fat fryer. When that happens life looks like this.

I can get through the inevitable Budget Day waffle if I think of it like a Mad Hatter’s Tea Party. Of course Darling Alistair looks nothing like Johnny Depp but the Disney Darling likeness is spooky.

I was going to spray paint the whole Budget briefcase orange but I just went for some light defacing in the end. Actually, they should bin that battered thing and give him a shiny tangerine suitcase on wheels. I’m thinking Pucci.

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  1. isn’t it vintage chic?
    mr darling, like me has dark brows and silver hair:
    there the similarities end:

    • Thank goodness for that 🙂

      It is, but vintage chic only works for some people I think…

      I’m doing vintage orange tomorrow.

  2. Stephen Foster

    Shouldn’t it say Custard?

  3. Bustard 🙂

  4. I have decided the cravat on the latest Hatter has a liquorice allsort theme.

    Some of those are orange too. It just gets everywhere.

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