Orange Cars

Just a quick note about yesterday’s post; if Johnny Depp’s Mad Hatter lived anywhere near here I would always be inviting myself round for tea. Even with orange hair he is a dote. The Red Queen borrowed a tad too much from Blackadder’s flame-haired Queenie, crushing her r s into w s, but apart from that minor niggle Tim Burton’s Alice is well worth a watch. Furthermore, I now have an excellent reason to start collecting old non-matching china as I will be having my own lunatic tea party in the summer (I really like non-matching, except pillowcases and shoes).

Re: orange it can be troublesome colour for a car. My father once had a Passat. It was orange. At least that’s what I said. It caused an endless debate because no-one else agreed saying it was red. It was not, not red at all, it was the colour of a great big bonfire. My father eventually closed the debate (which had lasted intermittently for weeks) by saying that as he bought it new (the only car he has ever had, excluding company vehicles, to hold that honour) he could categorically state that the car he selected and paid for was in Mercury Red. I still hold that was rubbish, they must have had a mix-up at the garage.

Another way it causes problems is that a car in orange can be accused of general naffness. A close relation once had a Saab 96 in a vibrant orange. The time everyone agreed; this car was an orangey orange with orange bits. This was in the mid-80s. A time of such rampant “style” that anything old was just old and crap. No mention of vintage, unless it was something like an E-type or a Scimitar or a TVR. An old orange Saab was just a damn ugly vehicle.

Until my other, even closer, relation bought a plastic lobster and popped it on the parcel shelf. Genius. Naff orange turned into vintage irony with one strategically placed crustacean.

This car needs a lobster

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  1. Stephen Foster

    Is the finalé of this week going to include pictures of makemeadiva parading in an open-top Passat in her non-matching Hare Krishna robes?

    [I’ve had two of those 96s, one red shooting brake and one blue saloon.

    You’re never out of the mechanic’s with them, I can say that for sure.]

  2. Well I thought I might mention that as my mother had one too, but then I decided I might be casting narrow sample and unfounded aspersions.

    Re The Lobster: the owner was and is, happily, a mechanic.

  3. The Wray Barton Wrecking Crew

    I am very excited. I have been sent a homebrew kit by a new potential author. Oh the perks of my job. I shall brew some orange beer.

    • Was it in a paper bag?

      I shall look forward to the orange beer. I bought a Bateman’s Ale today: Spring Breeze. Looks interesting.

  4. Stephen Foster

    Excuse me but is the WBWC the same thing as The Devon Home Cook?

    [thinks: perhaps I have been a bit thick so far]

  5. We three are one in the same.

  6. Stephen Foster

    O no! That is too much to take in.

  7. You’ve made it sound like an unholy trinity AMB!

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