The $10 Million Dollar Question

Because I am in a shocking rush this morning I wrote this in earnest last night:

Who will win this afternoon’s (or is that evening @ 17.45?) richest race.

I had it all sorted earlier, but now I am having a wobble. Here’s the thing. I stood head on to the Rowley Mile two years ago whilst my money rode on Twice Over. He came to win the Craven Stakes in good style just in front of the grandstand and then just didn’t go past the Raven. And we all know how that horse’s career turned out. So Twice Over is good, but I am a bit worried the clue is in the name and I’ll get mugged off Twice Over.

On the flipside Mastery did me a right turn on Town Moor last September. Added to that he is by my new most favourite sire Sulamani. The trouble is, even in my most devoted mindset, I can see that Sulamani is an influence for stamina and the 1m2f is going to take a bit of toe to win.

When I woke up this morning I had a thought pop into my head.

Gio Ponti = Joe Bridge = Bother

Now I don’t know what to do. Think on as someone older and wiser and more Northern might say.

I feel a bit happier back on Town Moor for the Brocklesby. There will be some lovely 2 yos on show, some by new season sires like Proclamation, Librettist and Iceman. Given the ground I am going to take a leap into the complete unknown and side with Diplomasi. He’s not quite yet two and my record in this race is not brilliant, but Clive Brittain is in roaring form, so in a pin-sticking exercise the shiny thing lands there.

3.25 Kempton / South Easter
4.00 Kempton / Jibouti
Brocklesby Donny / Diplomasi
Lincoln Donny / Smokey Oakey – seems a big price for a former winner with his ground. For the real deal as to his chances visit I will not have a chance until later.

Meydan now looks a bit of a mess:

Mastery/Twice Over/Gio Ponti and Gitano Hernando but surely not enough gears…

Smokey Oakey wins the Lincoln in 2008

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  1. I am heartened by Smokey Oakey’s 4th just now. I can’t begrudge the winner Penitent – I liked him.

    At the risk of chucking the baby and granny out with the bathwater I am now erring towards Vision D’Etat for the World Cup…

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