Tunes Your Kids Should Know

Inspired I thought. Even more exciting was the filming of the floor and projecting it on to the wall in negative and kaleidoscope images, plus a load of others that I don’t have the technical language to describe. The kids spent a while just staring at their ever changing motionless selves on the wall!

The playlist would always struggle to be all things to all groovers though. From what I can recall it sounded a bit like this:

You can’t go wrong with Marc Bolan but unless it’s I Love to Boogie it’s tricky to dance to.
T-Rex – Ride a White Swan
This was a very exciting video when I was young.
Adam & the Ants – Stand and Deliver
The Motown wish was delivered as a cover by way of
Japan – I’ll Second That Emotion
My schoolgirl world stopped on Tuesday Chart lunchtimes for the weeks that this was at No. 1.
Duran Duran – Is There Something I Should Know?
I swim against the tide with this but I am less fond of
Chaka Khan’s – I’m Every Woman – familiarity breeding contempt perhaps
The controversial opener
Ian Dury and the Blockheads – Sex & Drugs and Rock’n’Roll
The still impossible to dance to Cameo – Word Up
The strange inclusion of Dolly Parton – 9 to 5
And the wrapping it all up with full instrumental to whirl to
The Doors – Light My Fire

The best fun I’ve had in ages, even though I made myself a bit dizzier than usual.

I'm speechless

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  1. spotted you tripping the light fandango:
    I too, guilty of dodgy Mama dancing:
    ah but kids are for embarrassing eh?

    • This entirely the case at our house. My speciality is a bedtime dance sometimes instead of a story…

      The OH is practically professional though which rather shows my lame efforts up 🙂

  2. Stephen Foster

    * Even more exciting was the filming of the floor and projecting it on to the wall in negative and kaleidoscope images, plus a load of others that I don’t have the technical language to describe. *

    I think this may be called a Disco. : )

  3. No, it was not a disco – it was art…

  4. Stephen Foster

    Damn, you are literal.

    Okay, I am having another go at my ‘amusing’ remark.

    ‘Amusing remark’ Take II >

    ‘Whatever happened to mirror balls?!’

  5. Exactly 🙂

    Multimedia interactive art installations (those are the words that arrive post-lunch) elevate it from mere disco.

    It’s like acid without the tab.

    • Anyway, I meant to say, none of them would really qualify for a Tunes your Kids should know Disco in my very literal book.

      On the other hand, it’s awfully hard to think of what would.

  6. Stephen Foster

    # 1. Le Freak, Chic

  7. I’m recycling the theme: keep them coming…

  8. Stephen Foster

    # 2. Heaven Must be Missing an Angel, Tavares
    # 3. I Saw Her Standing There, The Beatles
    # 4. Rockit, Herbie Hancock
    # 5. Going Underground, The Jam
    # 6. Chant No 1, Spandau Ballet
    # 7. Push It, Salt n’ Pepper
    # 8. Step On, Happy Mondays
    # 9. No 1, Tinchy Stryder
    # 10. We’ve Only Just Begun, The Carpenters (there has to be a Smoocher, and we’re not having the Lady in Red : )

    • Some of these will make the final cut.

      I went to a mod disco once and seem to remember it involved a lot of jumping up and down in formation and crombies. I didn’t not go in for this myself you understand.

      I really liked his Wild Wood album. That was brilliant.

      • oops a double negative slipped in there – which obviously saw me pogo ing with the best of the loo-brushes

      • Stephen Foster

        I should have put … we’re not having the Lady in RedBalloons.

        Damn that bloggerist moment of esprit de l’escalier.

  9. You are doing better than me!

    I am trawling through old skool garage…

  10. And I too became a dodgy dancing mother this Sat night (no children there to embarrass though). A party in the old Bishops’ Palace in Fulham Palace Road. The prelates would have been rockin n rollin in their graves. I like a little bit of sychronicity across our weekends 🙂

  11. Synchronicity is a good Police album too I think (or maybe just a song). The brain’s gone again until the next lunch.

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