A Bad Friday (I wanted blue)

The Guv’nor had a bad day at the office last Friday, it was very stressful he said. Now this is more information that is usually forthcoming in a month, so I was compelled to inquire further.

Woodberry Down was once a really depressing estate on the Seven Sisters Road near Manor House on the Piccadilly line (that’s the dark blue line). It has had loads of money spent on it, so it may be improved, but being on that busy thoroughfare you can only facelift so much I’m guessing. This is where Friday’s decorating job was; for a lovely Turkish family. Due to water damage they only needed one wall matching and painting. The Guv’nor’s guv’nor had done the matching, so the main man turned up with an apprentice and a tin of paint.

As it turned out, the paint was blue as required by the wall to be painted, but the wrong shade of blue. No matter, the Guv’nor says, I know what that is, that’s Doll’s House blue. So off they go in the van to Hackney Wick to get a bit of Doll’s House. The trip to Hackney Wick is not that far, a few miles at most, but it also requires getting through Clapton or Stoke Newington and can take some time…

Back at the flat, one trip to the Wick under their belts, they give the wall one coat of Doll’s House. It’s the wrong blue. So far so bad, but maybe a little bit understandable, Doll’s House is close but not close enough. The next bit is where my mouth started hanging open. So now the apprentice says, and remember this is in a house full of people who actually live in it and pay rent and so forth, I know what colour that is – it’s Pompadour. Doh says the Guv’nor of course it is. Why didn’t you say that when I was going down the Doll’s House blind alley?

So off they go to Hackney Wick for the second time and bring back the apprentice’s best effort.

And, I asked? Yes, you guessed it – what do apprentices know. That’s why they have their own horse races to ride in. So the Guv’nor having played his best hand and having wasted enough time to have painted the whole room in the first pot of paint that was the wrong colour was forced to resort to getting the colour chart from the van – which he was gracious enough to admit he should have done in the first place.

Why I asked, majoring in annoying questions, did you not get the chart out in the first place?

Because the Guv’nor said I am a man and men do not look at maps even when they are lost.

Good answer. Perfectly understandable. I have never liked Woodberry Down.

Just needs a lick of Pompadour

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  1. Stephen Foster

    The moral of this story is that the only colour anyone should ever specify is BS10B15 (Ivory).

    • The Guv’nor is outside dressed like one of those Gremlins in the read/write adverts prepping the house for a facelift.

      I ventured that a change in the colour scheme might be nice…

      Suffice to say if I ever have a racehorse that is Mineallmine I might be tempted to name it WhiteorMagnolia 🙂


      No, not COLOUR

  2. Stephen Foster

    Call it thewhiteballoon or themagnoliaballoon and get stuck in on its first run : )

    Poor the Guv, that isn’t even a bleedin’ busman’s holiday : (

    • It is called getting out of the house when said house is full of four girls plus me, the Rudi who so nearly killed a cat this morning, and another cat who he defers to.

      I would join him if I was allowed, but there is only one gremlin outfit and only one ladder.

  3. Stephen Foster

    Put like that, he’s probably half way to the boozer by now … 🙂

  4. On our marks, get set, GO!

    Those were the days. We met in the pub. Best place for most things if you ask me.

  5. I’d love to be a colour namer, as a child I aspired to do this job for crayola. Now my aspirations have risen (and maybe a little to far some may say) and it’s Farrow and Ball.

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