The Guv’nor

MJ made it known early in our relationship that he viewed Computers and the Internet as, if not quite the Devil’s work, certainly in league with Pandora and her Box. He would not have said it like that though, because he is not a waffler like me.

I have therefore respected his anonymity as far as I can, but writing every day, sometimes about one’s own life, things creep in. So, given his embargo on entering the WickedoldWorldofWebdom, I call him by different titles, depending on my mood.

His alter egos thus far are:

The Rebel MC, White Van Man (I wanted to call him White Van, Black Man but was too cautious), the Other Side of the Bed, the Other End of the Sofa (usually the Other Sofa lately given his need to recline) and for the last decade The Guv’nor.

So, I am introducing his aka s and the photo link of him joining in, in his own inimitable style, last October on a family day out with grudging permission. I asked for a statement: no quotes please he said. So that’s that I’m afraid. That’s the key to muddling along if you ask me. Everyone interprets life in their own unique way and to start messing around with that freedom is asking for trouble. Let seated men stay seated. Let football fans watch football and let racegoers go racing whenever the mood takes their fancy.

I thought about going to Kempton today with its magnificent seven races including a Listed filles contest, but the thought of having to take four kids with me was a bit of a deal-breaker. Then I thought about going to the dogs, as I am going to rekindle that flame prior to the Greyhound Derby in May. Five meals in a basket and five lots of combination trifectas (or whatever they are called) on the Tote for each of 12 races was also a bit of a heartstopper. I have therefore settled on outdoors at Hadleigh Castle and feeding Billy the Goat at the adjacent farm. I happen to know that the farm used to do one of the best coffee cakes in the land, so I’m hoping not much has changed there. It’s the thought of that and a cup of tea that is sustaining me šŸ™‚

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  1. if the cakes look sad then go to Maison Noir *opposite Lidls* their cakes are huge and to die for:
    second to my own of course:
    we love the castle and it’s views:
    shame it’s muddy as a roll down the hill is the law:

  2. Thanks for the tip chocolategirl! Bad coffee cake is a crime – I should know, I’ve eaten enough of them.

  3. Rock on Auntie Mick (copyright. Mia). Am feeling green-eyed re: coffee cake

  4. No coffee cake šŸ˜¦

    Couldn’t go anywhere else as the girls were absolutely covered in mud. Head to toe.

    I had to make do with a carrot cake. It was ok, but didn’t taste much like coffee.

  5. Beautiful PIC! America is so adolescent compared to your surrounding Essex county. No ancient rock structures over here, but I enjoyed an online photo tour of Hadleigh Castle:)

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