The Great Hogwash

It’s my considered opinion that David Cameron needs a toe up his backside.

His use of the clanging term “the Great Ignored” yesterday made me fulminate and I was going to bang on here about it being too close to the Great Unwashed and it being a nonsensical term etc. etc. Then I read this: Hopi Sen’s blog and decided a link to that would be better than any of my invective.

By this time though, for the sake of research, I had listened to his whole standing on a box by the Thames and surrounded by the faithful oration, and he was just way too limp. No matter that he promised me less paperwork and more of Parliament working for me, and you too actually, I find it hard to believe. And at the back of my mind I suspect if he can’t even talk the talk with conviction or with meaning, he has even less chance of walking the walk.

Of course, it is all academic in my neck of the woods, us being lumbered with a safe seat in a shade of Pompadour.

David and Gordon come to a soap-sharing arrangement

For the sake of balance and perspective I am sure I will lay into the other parties before the Great Day, where we the Great Ignored, go off and cast our Great Votes. Somehow, it doesn’t feel that Great to me.

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  1. The Wray Barton Wrecking Crew

    They’ve erected a ‘Vote Tory’ placard in the field next to the house, in the verge opposite the driveway, on the side of the barn down the road, and no less then in 4 locations between here and Newton Abbot. I do wish the other parties were so proactive with their erections.

  2. ‘Vote Conservative’ placards are breeding like rabbits down here.

    As a life-long Labour voter, I am really conflicted. Have never clapped eyes on the candidate who does nothing in the community as opposed to Mel Stride (wonderful name – a PM’s name if ever there was one) has been assiduously door-stepping, pressing the flesh, taking up local issues and supporting local ventures for the past 3 years… what’s a girl to do? Can’t possibly vote Tory but can’t bring myself to vote for a no-name either.

    Incidentally, re ‘the great ignored’, some of us are old enough to remember the phrase ‘the silent majority’ introduced into Parliament by an MP friend of mine – but not the one who comprehensively groped me at a Conservative Party dance in the 1970s. And I wouldn’t have enjoyed it even if he’d been a Labour MP.

    • Stephen Foster

      1. What were you doing at a Conservative Party dance?

      2. If the groping was comprehensive my belief in your claims to lack of enjoyment are diminished.

      2. Whatever happened to Idealism?

      • Stephen Foster

        Dammit that second 2 should be a 3.

        I can’t believe I can do a tpyo on a bullet point.

      • This is what happens when you start hanging out with MPs. First they take liberties and then they claim them on expenses.


  3. They say it was Richard Nixon that mentioned the silent majority…

    Any road up, it’s a whole lot more pizazzy than Cameron’s offering.

    There’s seriously nothing to vote for is there. It’s all just deckchair shuffling on the Titanic – shall we have a horseshoe or in rows?

  4. Stephen Foster

    I also can’t believe that someone hasn’t started a

    We Hate You All And want You All Out Party

  5. It was the era of the dutiful wife, when I tried to be discreet about my Labour loyalties. I was, however, accused of only voting to cancel out the husband’s vote.

    Some gropings can be so comprehensive as to be positively forensic and are definitely not enjoyable. Trust me on this.

    Richard Nixon pinched the ‘silent majority’ phrase, no surprises there. Trust me on this too.

    In the last 24 hours this bit of Devon has become in imminent danger of being roofed-over and walled-in by Conservative placards.

  6. Did he? The low down dirty rat.

    I would like there to be proportional representation before I die 🙂

  7. Who? Nixon?

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