Gone Racing

Like nowhere else, the Rowley Mile is a right tonic. I’ve had my losing days on there too, so it’s not just about winners.

I can report that Daryl the Dazzler Holland drives a really swanky Jaguar XK, Henry Cecil looks fantastic, Sir Michael Stoute still looks like he’s sucking a lemon when he loses, Mick Channon can swear like a football player and John Dunlop’s bins would not look out of place if he were Field Marshal Montgomery. Oh, and Jeremy Noseda turned up too late to remind me I really should have backed his filly Dance East each way.

She’s a surefire winner soon enough as is Clive Brittain’s Yarooh. Wigmore Hall is well ahead of the handicapper and don’t worry if Sri Putra sweats up as it makes little difference to his winning. As for Elusive Pimpernel, if we are to believe the evidence of our own eyes, he goes to the Guineas with a good shout.

The current no fly zone over the UK did not apply to two little planes I saw taking off as the car-park was emptying. I wonder who was in them?

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As an aside I managed to watch some of what the Liberals will now be dubbing the Three Horse Race on the tv. I was amused by Beefy Brown’s persistent attempts to turn Clegg into his ho and his insistence on getting out the clearly Campbellesque crafted phrases like “It’s answer time now” (David).

Clegg himself upset me by referring to the two “Old Parties” tut, tut, but other than that I gave him two clear points on the card before we switched over to watch Welcome to Lagos. One of those points was because of his witty football answer about the Tories proposed cap on immigration e.g. if the cap is reached mid-summer and Man City want to get an expensive overseas player on transfer then what? Then what indeed!

Cameron just seemed a bit thin-lipped and old-fashioned in his policy ideas. Drug rehab for criminals David, but short-term sentences galore for smasher uppers of bus stops.

Oh dear.

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  1. Airspace is unregulated not closed, so take to your ash buster and make free with the sky 🙂

  2. I’m waiting for the post that details the delights that you encountered on this blog’s date…

  3. It’s in the Pipeline AMB 🙂

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