I am a humanist


I have been observed in my teaching practice and the conclusion was that I am following the humanist model. That’s interesting, I said, because I have never heard of it.

My saying that, and being prepared to admit I am happy to keep on learning and relinquish the authority that you do whilst you toil in your state of deep ignorance, only proves the humanist point.

The only downside is that my deep-rooted papryophobia, which only just noses out my fear of grids and boxes, is still affecting my overall grade because I just don’t fill in the forms properly. I could of course live my life a little less and fill out the forms a bit more, but it’s not a trade I feel like making just now.

Oh well.

The photograph uploading wire is still lost, but my sister is in a synchronised tangle so I don’t feel too bad.

It's a model with a logo too

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  1. Stephen Foster


    I just googled word papryophobia and the makemeadiva blog was top of the search!


  2. I am mildly disappointed to learn the blog is not always top of a Google search šŸ˜‰

  3. On the upside this a great new phobia I could really embrace – fear of responsibility


  4. Stephen Foster

    Well found \o/

    That graph is deliberately made to look like a breast though, surely.

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