A Perplexed Note on Fashion

This is before I forget and someone blinks and the fashion is gone.

It has been noted (by the *Trouser Police with whom I live) that there is a new way of wearing your trews if you are blokeishly inclined. I think you have to be young to carry it off(ish) and certainly proponents have only been spotted in London and Essex.

The wearer appears to twist whilst turning up the trouser leg to end up with a kind of origamied bicycle-clip effect at the bottom of trousers that started their day as a pair of straight cut jeans. I had the chance to study the effect at close quarters on the bus today from Mile End, but as you see it actually defies description and I couldn’t deconstruct the method.

It is, of course, wrong if you are prescriptive about these things and I think my companion found it bordering on distressing, but one supposes it will pass off soon enough. For myself I find a kind of liberation in wearing wrong things. Old-fashioned Wainwright walking boots being such a one. They look like they are missing the calipers only but I don’t care. Marvellous. Carry on twisting and turning chaps and don’t worry if middle-aged men nearby faint.

Take these but with more volume and more twisting...

*There are people who have an invisible tape measure with which to pass or fail hem lengths – the offence or pleasure can be a matter of a mere millimetre. After 10 years it is fair to say I have a good bit of paranoia about passing these inspections. I thought I was fairly attuned to such matters in my twenties, but my eye lacks the laser precision of a true Trouser Policeman. For a further insight into such important sartorial matters I would refer you to Stephen Foster’s Strides

Note to self: read the trouserish bits of said novel to the in-house Trouser Police for confirmation and denial…

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  1. Stephen Foster

    I would rather eat eels and custard than wear those strides, they are perfectly hideous. I’m thinking they’re from a catalogue, maybe?

    The shoes are worse. Are they effing green!?

  2. Catalogue – check
    Male model (lower half) – check
    Hideous shoes – check

    If you are youth I expect it is fine 🙂

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