One person’s rubbish etc.

I spent a good few hours on LASSCO’s website when we moved here, anxious as I was to replace 1970s doors with four panelled ones and to reinstate Adams’ fireplaces… What I discovered was that they stock loads of lovely gear, but it’s bloody expensive. I still covet oddments like these street signs, some of which are extra desirable being from Hackney and all.

Any road up, my planned trip to a LASSCO yard never materialised, but last Sunday morning, in the hours before dawn, I was wandering through Vauxhall clubland (it’s called Voho you know) and was most excited to walk past a LASSCO yard. I took a photo through the stout railings of one of a pair of lovely hounds. I couldn’t see the price tag, but they looked beyond my means.

The faces he's seen

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  1. Stephen Foster

    Has that door been hung yet?

  2. Oh yes.

  3. Stephen Foster

    My God, that was record time.

  4. Stephen Foster

    nb: Denman Street!

  5. I nb ed it too.

    Poor Denman. Don’t get me started.

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