“The Maxims of George Moore”

I was given this little book (it measures about 2″x4″) for my birthday last year and it’s been going round with me in my bag and pocket recently. George Augustus Moore was the son of a horse-breeding Irish MP and became a novelist in the realist style in the late 19th Century, this after trying his hand at being a painter in France where he met the Impressionists and was painted by Manet.

I don’t agree with all of George’s Maxims, but some are pretty pertinent, some are truthful and some are amusing.

“I would lay aside the wisest book to talk to a stupid woman.”

“We only recognise a selfishness when it takes a form different from our practice.”

This morning I was struck by these two quotes. Most probably because we are just over a week away from the General Election and the Party Political Machines have gone into Overdrive.

“Practice and principle are never reduced to perfect agreement. One is always marauding into the other’s territory.” Esther Waters

“It is not with truth that we persuade people, but with lies. Everybody is willing to listen to lies.” Evelyn Innes

Very true George.

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  1. Stephen Foster

    Have you read the updated edition?

    “I would lay aside the wisest book to talk to a stupid woman but I would wisheth to switch of the Sky microphone immediately afterwards rather that to leaveth it on.”

  2. Stephen Foster

    switch off.

    My God!

  3. How prescient is this blog 😉

    I might send this one to Gordy:

    “Renunciations are often but the efforts of the feeble to realise themselves.”

  4. Stephen Foster

    Txt it to Mrs Duffy, she can forward it on.

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