Want beef bruv?

It’s not quite what Gordon said to the Lib Dems as he promised to fall on his dirk, but it is the catchphrase that my own Raggle Taggles treated me to this weekend.

Along with nuff respec hang tough street body language.

This, they informed me, they had received instruction in from “Shanice” aged 4.

As long as they know Standard English has its place, I’m down with it.

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  1. Yes, but what does it mean??????

    Lovely pics.

  2. Do you want to step outside for fisticuffs…

    Or hopefully in their case just a little light sororial bickering!

  3. Stephen Foster

    Tremendous expression (if you come from Stoke you always know when you’re being offered out : )

    More pertinently, are you the first known instance of a Bucolic Pikey Diva, Bruv?

  4. I’d answer to Diddakoi Diva 🙂

    The Diddakoi being one of my favourite books as a kid. Although it definitely did not have that horrendous cover then.

  5. Loving the beef

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