Irish 1000 Guineas

I am hardly entitled to an opinion after yesterday’s debacle, but racing is all about climbing back in the saddle and going again, even with an aching butt and bruised body.

Actually I don’t even have an opinion *sighs of relief all round* but I have narrowed it down to three through the thorough application of and filtration by various patent pending systems:

Anna Salai – the same first name as my sister, miling pedigree, supplemented by powerful stable therefore cannot be ignored.

Cnocandancer – eye-catching debut maiden winner a few weeks ago, noted here. It always dangerous to believe the evidence of one’s own eyes (especially when the dog chewed up your glasses months ago), but this filly could be “anything” as they like to say. Additionally qualifies under the “Diva” system, being out of Dancing Diva.

Lolly for Dolly – selected via the “13” system, the “Rhyming Name” system and Course and Distance systems, albeit on separate occasions.

Of course if Mick Channon’s Music Show hacks up I won’t mind at all, but I will ask him why he has been moonlighting in this band in a pair of dungarees, flat cap and playing a squeeze box.

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