Meet Mini (or RaRa)

You see, I can’t tell the difference and neither can anyone else thus far.

They arrived yesterday, in a highly inflated placcy bag. This excessive inflation probably saved their lives…

I think I may have alluded to the general freaking outishness that fishkeeping causes me? Tropical fish mark you. That’s fish that need to be kept at a temperature. The right temperature.

24 hours before the fish were expected to land in the tank I started a little light freaking out:-
I don’t think the water’s warm enough. How do we know the heater’s working properly???

By the morning it was proper full-scale freaking out with nearly swearing.
That water’s frigging freezing; put them in there and they’ll DIE.
I held an emergency briefing.
We need a tank thermometer and we need it now. Don’t even think of putting any fish in that tank before we have checked and verified the temperature!

So they went off without their freaking mum and bought:

1) another aquatic plant
2) a scary stone face
3) a thermometer with suction pad
4) two goddamn fish

The eldest, trusted with the task of transporting the bagged fish home seemd quite pleased with proceedings. We left the fish floating in the bag acclimatising. On closer inspection they looked a tad desperate to get out. I went down the road to grill the fish-owning friends. How long do you float them in their bags I asked. About ten minutes they said.

Satisfied sufficient floating had gone on for acclimatisation purposes and that the temperature of the tank water was not life-threatening I then erupted into stressy mother overdrive.
Let them out of the bag carefully! Don’t stress the fish!

Stress? This is nothing! the OH said. The eldest already dropped them the minute she got out of the shop. Thank God I wasn’t there. I would have been reading them their last rites right there on the pavement. Anyway, we are nearly 24 hours into this fish thing and they seem to be holding their own.

One of our weeny Black Widow/Skirt Fish

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  1. Early days, though. Fish can lull you into a false state of security. Maintain 24 hour watch for first signs of fish failure.

  2. We always know we can find you dancing in the bright side of everything!

  3. “They ate up this morning”

    That’s my fish trainer quote for the day.

  4. ‘I went down the road to grill the fish’…………I’m glad iI read on as that line made me feel hungry!! LOL! šŸ˜€

    P.S. Don’t let the kids clean the tank with washing up liquid when the fish are still in there!

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