Seta – my favourite filly in training

This is the most striking filly I have seen in years. Her run in the Guineas needs a line through it; who knows what gave that day, but Fallon said he “took care of her”. She is built like a colt, and if she manages to fill her frame could be a very exciting prospect. Luca Cumani said they call her “Blondie” at home and that they might race her as a four year old. My fingers are very crossed indeed.

Winning a conditions race today at Leicester. Look at Seta and how relaxed she is in her winning compared to the runner-up – all push and strain. She’s with the right trainer thankfully šŸ™‚

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  1. Stephen Foster

    I’d rather forgotten about your love of her and her knees. If only this blog had napped her, that might of helped my financial situation out…

  2. I am afraid I only became aware of her running with minutes to spare. That was a happy accident for me. Sorry.

    Shall I send Georgie Boy round to help you make cuts? He has probably put paid to my living.

  3. Stephen Foster

    That b’stard – he has probably put paid to this Fellowship I spent hours filling forms in for too.

    Still, on the upside at the least Whitehall will be awash with bodies, placards and bobbies with batons – you’ll be able to riot like it’s 1984 again.

  4. Stephen Foster

    That’ll teach us what they’re made of šŸ™‚

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