The Gogos are Gonegone (again)

So, the weekend’s Gogo Holy Grail Mission saw us managing to source five of the little devils – three regular ones and two super special England World Cup Football squad ones.

The youngest trotted off to school with them in a redundant marble bag and with strict instructions to swap or trade and not give away.

Yesterday she returned and, feeling through the bag, I can sense we only have three left. I know which two have gone before I even look inside…

Luckily I did their mug shots at the weekend. How prescient.

Now what, her stated aim was to collect all 20+

What do I do? Go in to school this morning and eyeball the little robbers that didn’t trade fairly with my daughter, dob them in to the teacher, or accept that life is hard and that inch high Gogos are always going to get it šŸ˜•

Point for correctly naming the two, poor, lost Gogos.

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  1. Stephen Foster

    Stevie G perhaps, and I do so hope the other one is supposed to be Peter Crouch.

    It sounds like Gogos are the Pogs of Jack the Mogul’s school days. The incidents of violence (in the infants this was, too) in the wake of egregious Pog-trades led to a banning order. I once saw Martin Norris’ mum tear a right strip off him for instituting a black market in Pog-dealing in the post-ban world.

    ‘Hew many times do I have to tell yew about them there Pogs boy?!’

    She pulled him off home by the ear. It ain’t too politically correct in Narfalk.

  2. What about strict instructions to be possessive and not give them (by means of swappage, donation or swindle) to anyone, and that she won’t eat for a week if she doesn’t come home with them all? Could you add some discreet initials to the critters? Or perhaps you could fashion a device a la the string from gloves that runs through the coat so that they remain about her person?

  3. You have IDed them correctly. I am really hoping we get the Manager next time.

    To feather our nests we could invent the next Pog/Gogo craze…

    Cassia doesn’t follow instructions: she’s a bit like her father in that respect šŸ˜‰

    *well done re Stevie, it looks nothing like him…

  4. So which one’s which? I thought one was Jimmy ‘Ian Hislop’ Sommerville!

    What happened to ‘real’ coins for World Cup collections? They were ace!

  5. Those coins are quality (apart from the evil petroleum company branding!)

    I think my Gogo obsession is growing. I want Theo Walcott too…

    I could get them and put them in the aquarium, safe from the robber infants. They certainly would be more interesting than those damn fish. They have turned out to be more boring alive than they would be dead.

  6. Stephen Foster

    What did you expect, some sort of Britain’s Aquariums Got Talent show?

    Perhaps our Gogo/Pogs – our POGOS – could be fish based? They could be fish that look like footballers and do stuff.

  7. I expected them to not hide behind the rock or the plant constantly.

    They could be fish-based – go on.

  8. Stephen Foster

    Goddamit I am looking at a Gogos website now when I should be working.

    They will each be a fish of the sea, The Turbot will be a very fas Turbo-charged Pogo, the Bass will play a Bass player in a Pogo band, the Cod will be the God of all the Pogo Kingdom etc. There will be a sticker album and everything (and in the end we will own a massive stable of horses).

    Meanwhile pls find me a maiden at a huge price.

  9. Well the Hilary Needler is cutting up quite badly this evening @ Beverley. They must be running scared of the two Dascombe runners – surely they must have it between them.

    In the first there I would look at Shaluca and the unraced Wasara.

    FFos Llas 3.05 Fighting Talk?

    Nothing’s jumping out at me tbh, this ground’s no good.

  10. Fighting Talk = Terrible.

    Stick to Newsboy Tips!

  11. Stephen Foster

    Tsk to the lot of it; looks like we must develop the Pogos.

    • Tsk indeed.

      Polaroid have a new tiny mobile photo printer out called a Pogo – we may have a lawsuit on our hands with the name šŸ˜¦

      How about a Gopos – that might amuse them with the vague scatalogical reference…

  12. Stephen Foster

    Lawsuits are good for publicity; how could anyone confuse Stingy the Ray with a printer? : )

    • Is that the point on which your defence rests?

      I think some people could. There are some strange people out there.

      Couldn’t we do plastic horses? Hyperion, Arkle, Eclipse, Darley Arabian, The Barb, Northern Dancer, Sadlers Wells, The Minstrel, Nijinksy?

      Or dogs: Mick the Miller, Westmead Hawk, Dylan’s antecedents, Master McGrath etc.

  13. Stephen Foster

    This last idea is a bit specialist and won’t, I don’t think, appeal to kids – you have the market research group inside your mansion – ask them up and see if they give you beef or not…

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