I’m not a big fan of the stuff, but I did rather take to the idea of one wall in a bold pattern a few years ago. Consequently we sport birds and cages in the downstairs loo, some swirling art nouveau homage in the front room and a Designers’ Guild with a smart Russian name that nods to a damask pattern in the bedroom.

Oh, and come to think of it, the girls have a spot of nautical bleached stripe below their dado which they delight in peeling off when they should be asleep in their beds. I have been trying to get some Cole & Son flamingos on one wall in the bathroom too with no success. I am told that it would fall off, but it wouldn’t: the room is big and doesn’t get damp in that way and I would nail it on to be sure. Perhaps I have this wallpaper thing worse than I first thought.

The Bathroom - note the wood floor mum!

Abluting Flamingos

One day.

And on another one day, not in this lifetime probably, I’d like a nice bit of De Gournay like these – painted directly onto silk.

Apologies for the lack of formatting, ideally they would be perfectly aligned.

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  1. j’adore flamingoes:
    I wanted that paper too but couldn’t get it at the time:
    you can so wallpaper in bathrooms:
    just need to use stronger paste with added fungicide:
    http://www.wallpaperdirect.co.uk/ are rather good and send free samples *and not tiny ones*:
    or paint your own:
    go on!

  2. Stephen Foster

    That bathroom would look nice with Gogos stenciled onto the walls.

  3. Flamingos or Gogos – now that’s a dilemma!

  4. In Stoke that bathroom would house an entire family. One day the north will rise up and I will make my duty that you’ll be first against the wall. 😉 Bleeding bourgeoisie!

  5. I think she’s tidied it up for the photo 😉

    • Thank you Finky Wink – you know the truth of my slovenly ways and the Guv’nor’s constant addiction to a black bin liner to stem the tide!

      I did snap it the second the floor was laid a few months ago, before all the crap went back in.

      For the record, last night the floor was covered in clothes and flipping toothpaste. Grrrr.

  6. Stephen Foster

    I like the tiles, are they orig feat, or did the Guv’nor put them in?

    • All his own work 🙂 We were going to go for the more urban black ones with relief, but it would have been too Gents’ Urinal…

      Actually, in my mind they were v expensive Fired Earth translucent ones, but then you have to cut your cloth etc.

  7. Stephen Foster

    The Guv’nor has done a right good job with his cuts. Tiling is a tricky business.

  8. Nice floor

  9. Mother’s contributions in the last 24 hours:

    Nice, floor, ouch.

    She’s morphed into a monosyllabic mum


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