The Derby Puzzle

There’s not much to go on for today’s Classic. A bunch of mainly beautifully-bred, well trained colts taking on the idiosyncracies of the Epsom course, it’s difficult not to make a reasonable case for most of them at least making the frame. There’s a good chance that the uneasy favourite Jan Vermeer will win, his jockey Murtagh said this morning he has got speed and balance, the key ingredients to win the race. That would be too boring for this blog, so we have a shortlist of three. The three are based on a vision of them all coming sweetly down the hill. If you’ve never been to Epsom it is hard to describe the fearsome camber that slopes away to the farside rail. Imagine yourself, not only running full tilt downhill, but on ground that is uneven under your feet and you will have an insight into what these lads face this afternoon.


Bullet Train


Cassia, who was absolutely brilliant company at the Oaks

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  1. Stephen Foster

    Unlike many other horse races, this one looks as if it could be awkward to solve. Kieron was saying yesterday that if he wasn’t on Al Zir (to whom he gave a better chance than its price) then he’d want to be on Midas Touch.

    Hope this helps [muddy the waters wink here].

    • If I had time, I would look at the all horses again on video with an eye to their actions. I would be looking for a nice floating, daisy cutting stride. From the stills I can see that Rewilding appears to have this sort of action. Watching them going down, if we can, should be informative.

  2. Stephen Foster

    Any doing Spanish trotting (whatever that is) could at least be eliminated at this stage 😉

  3. Stephen Foster

    Tremendous. I do believe If I’d’ve seen an horse doing that in the paddock I might have put a line through it; unless, that is, I took the view it made it a certainty…

  4. Stephen Foster

    Rubbish: that’s either an orse or a horse.

  5. My kingdom for an ‘orse – better that way ain’t it.

  6. Next time I am nonplussed (what’s the etymology of that when it’s at home?) I am holding my line.

    Timepiece will be another Passage of Time I’d say.

  7. I noted Workforce had a very good walk in the parade, but I failed to do anything about it.

    Incredibly impressive and with the Sadlers Wells looks through his dam’s side I can’t mind at all 🙂

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