This is what the Sporting Life had him down as last night on their site. Not so much a typo perhaps as a Freudian slip?

His mouth was saying one thing and then…

…then followed the grande but, and the most monumental series of shrugs ever seen in a post football match interview.

As for the match review it is going to be easy to pounce on the hapless Green, I have just seen one headline “The Hand of Clod”, but to my reckoning we had some nice spells in the midfield but up front and at the back we would need to see a lot more before we are drinking at the top table.

Same old England it seems.

And I missed Theo Walcott, as Lennon did his best but seemed intent on ploughing a straight furrow. That’s it, it makes me too cross.

*I’ve had my breakfast and a bit of rant so I’ll just update the blog and go out: why does Cappello put so much pace up the wings when they can’t cross into the area or go round a player (at least TW could do the latter)? Why was there a perfect Rooney-shaped pocket nearly all night long, whilst Wayne himself sulked up front as part of an unmatching pair and how is all this goalkeeper uncertainty going to help in the long run…

Cappellow’s lucky he’s not round here for breakfast because I’d do more than shrug at him!

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  1. Marti Cappellow ‘Wishing he was lucky’! 😀

  2. Stephen Foster

    You mustn’t let your Gooner-love blind you to the fact that Theo has been rubbish 9 times out of 10 this season.

    We’ll be okay, we always start like the tortoise; without Norwich ‘keeper Green’s contribution we’d have the 3 points too.

    • But when on the occasion he is not rubbish he worries the oppo.

      Anyway, I am still cross and what Bob Wilson said too.

  3. Stephen Foster

    What, Bob ‘Arsenal Neutral’ Wilson?

    * But when on the occasion he is not rubbish he worries the oppo. *

    But the other nine times out of ten he does the square root of Franchoek.

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