Here’s my biltong

Cappello has turned the England team into automatons. Saying the right things, leaving the dinner table as one like a herd of elephants, not swearing at the referee…

In this, he seems to have been most successful. Look at them and you will see they are dead behind the eyes. That’s why David is there on the bench (dead behind the eyes too if you ask me), because Cappello knows. He knows they don’t play for him and he hopes DB will have the talismanic effect he has had on the pitch from behind the white lines. It won’t work. Out of the strip, and popped into a team suit David is as emasculated as the rest of them.

Take Milner. Cappello gave out to him as he took him off the other night. Would Bobby Robson have done that. Some say Milner will have overstated his feeling betterishness to the manager. I say, if one of my kids insists they are sound as a pound and can definitely go to Alton Towers for a day I’ll make my own decision thanks.

Cappello has not got them playing from the heart under his system. He has undermined the confidence of the keepers by playing mind games with them in the run-up. At the moment it is only me, Edgar and Bob who can see the truth of the matter. The rest of the English lemmings are blind to the fact that come the second stage we will be going out to:

a) Germany
b) Ghana

Of course the tabloid press will have had time to think about these things now (they are slow enough you see) and will jump on my bandwagon. But this is my bandwagon, it’s got makemeadiva painted down the side, and if you need verification just ask the Guv’nor whose ears are bleeding.

Oh and PS – there’s more. It goes along these lines. It’s not just heart (affective domain to borrow from Bloom) it’s even more insidious. Cappello is having a bad effect on the fragile English ego. Not for English players the rock solid overblown Latin self-confidence, our lads need a tad more nurturing (even Wayne).

I know there are others in the coaching team paid to do that, but Fabio it needs to be you too.

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  1. Stephen Foster

    But at least he’s not Steve McClaren who had to do the robot every time he caught sight of his mates Wazza, Stevie G, and Lamps.

    Poor Guv’nor : )

  2. At least he’s not…

    At least they didn’t lose…

    At least they can improve…

    Face Fabio Facts

    Stop begging 😉

    I too feel sorry for the Guv. He left @ 5.23 a.m. today.

  3. This is a good information i got from here.I really liked it and this information is worth remembering.

  4. Stephen Foster

    Is that so he can get back home in time for Holland v Denmark?

    • No they have trackers on the vans.

      e.g. Why are you in Grays at lunchtime?

      It was my fault apparently. The England bedtime rant affected his sleep…

      Thank goodness it’s Ascot tomorrow.

  5. I know v little about football but a little about building teams. I had a debate with H who just thinks they should get on with it – but I reckons a team needs to be built, coached and run as a team. Not a rag bag of (varying) talented individuals.

    • How do you build a team?

      I can’t get anyone to learn a thing if I tell them they are stupid.

      Strange that innit?

  6. I have consulted with Lady Finky of Wink who asked a very sensible question. How, if you are wondering whether you will be starting, do you focus in advance on how you will win the match?

    And this guy

    Oh yes.

  7. How do you build a team? You read Belbin, then Myers-Briggs and, in any time remaining, study the Enneagram. OR you follow your instinct for getting people to work together towards a shared goal that everyone cares about blah, blah, blah, make them feel valued, catch them doing the right thing and praise them blah, blah, blah. It’s not rocket science, Fabio.

  8. Fabio will come good. He’s playing mind games with us. Mark my words. 😉

    • If you are right OS there will be none more happy than I 🙂

      Being a gloom merchant now kills some time before Algeria and gets it out of the way for later.

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