Advance Excuse No. 1 (blame the manufacturer)

If things don’t go our way later this evening, or next week, or indeed thereafter let’s blame this:

A bad workman blames his tools?

Fabio says it’s like playing with a *boiled egg. Stevie G says it’s hard to control off the ground. Best hoof it then lads.

Before that excitement we are in Day 4 in Berkshire. Timepiece remains my best result so far, yesterday was a bit of a Royal washout. Today I am commending the chances of a couple of nags, but I don’t know which ones yet…

Watch out for the update.

*I think that’s what he said, he’s a bit of a mumbler.

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  1. Stephen Foster

    Stock up on tranquilsers in case it all goes wrong later Diva.

    That ball is an aesthetic disgrace anyway, the sort of item they sell for £1.99 on the sea front.

  2. England blames the jabulani, while Spain blames the hot female reporter behind the net.

    Neither goalie blames himself.

    • Football on ice for now

      Back amongst those who “despair over the state of formal daywear!” I Ask you…

      Margot Did
      Bullet Train
      Jacqueline Quest

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