My 12 Step England Recovery Mission

1. Fly (yes fly) to South Africa, time now being of the essence
2. Get me some henchmen
3. Kidnap Fabio
4. Lock him up (largely unharmed, bruised ego?)
5. Bury the key
6. Send a ransom note to FIFA or the FA or Mrs Fabio
7. The note demands David B be left in charge of England
8. David B to put the M&S uniform suits on a bonfire
9. Team to hang loose, wear their own clobber, have a drink and go to bed at midnight
10. Kick Rooney up the arse
11. Fit players with rocket-propelled boots

Sub points include:

i) buy a vuvuzela
ii) see a giraffe
iii) visit Boulder Beach
iv) release Fabio
v) walk home

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