A Confession

In extremis (are you reading Chris Waddle) it’s calming to look at fish. In anticipation of a sticky afternoon I yesterday whizzed up to Fishy Business and explained my position:

Please Sir, we want a community tank filled with colourful little fish but someone, who shall remain nameless, came home with two angelfish in a bag and now the big silver one is running tings in the tank and will probably eat anything small and pretty out of greed, jealousy and sheer badness.

So Mr Fishy Business said hmmm. And I hung my novice fish-keeping head in shame and pleaded that I had planned the whole thing rigorously for maximum harmony purposes and I really needed some swishy-tailed guppies to calm my nerves. So he bagged a couple up for me and agreed that he would take in Bully Boy/Girl Amazon Angelfish if it put a fin out of line.

Here they are. I like them.

They are nameless so far. I am thinking Lionel and Diego.

This is the hitherto no photos please Bully. It knows it’s on a yellow card.

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  1. Stephen Foster

    Those two will be like a visit from the WAGs for the Bully. It might work.

    I still the BAFTA’s still there.

  2. You could call them Farrah and Fawcett. 😦

    Have you tried the mask on? Smoooooooooking, smebody stop me!

    0.1% x

  3. The BAFTA is not mine!

    What’s Daft Beggar’s 0.1% all about I wonder.

  4. Stephen Foster

    I try to translate for burger as much as poss but I have no idea what that could mean.

    Something to do with old episodes of Stingray?

  5. Lurker Welcome post……….. please do keep up!

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