A Photographic Response (to my fancy swishy-tailed fish)

The Devon Home Cook went fishing yesterday, on a boat, to catch mackerel for her tea.

She caught mackerel. She also caught this: a Garfish.

It was 53cm long and very slimy, reportedly.

The eldest daughter felt that this was indeed “a monster”.

Apparently you can eat them too – I wonder whose dishy that fishy is going to land up on?

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  1. remember Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall catching and cooking these:
    rubbed with garlic and oil, stuffed with thyme and bay, drizzled with lemon juice and baked:
    garfish have green bones I recall:

  2. They do indeed. Bright green bones, which you can deep fry and crunch on, if you’re so inclined. Will be cooking up the Gar this evening and shall report back.

  3. We need photos of the green bones then 🙂

  4. So the Devon Home Cook didnt put it back then?

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