Look what I got

Someone very kindly bought me back a vuvuzela directly from South Africa. It was an unexpected gift and it lifted an otherwise tiresome day.  

I go to a writers’ group at the Palace Theatre at the moment. It is a new project and I like it because we are a mix of ages. The youthful vuvuzela bearer brought back two: one for me and one for a retired teacher I’ll call Mr Morrell. The age gap must be about fifty years between those two and I sit somewhere in the middle of the range.  

He also brought some small stone elephants for another member of the group, wrapped in South African newspaper. I really wanted the newspaper fragments, but they were still needed for the elephants. So I contented myself with looking at a furniture store advert to see what manner of sofa you can get in Cape Town.  

Souvenir hunting can seem a bit Abigail’s Party in the wrong hands, but this young man pulled it off with grace and charm. He said after the England v Algeria match he needed to hit the shops for therapeutic purposes. He also said he thought JT had a lot to answer for…  

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  1. I bet your neighbours are pleased with that souvenir.

  2. Stephen Foster

    How does Rudi like it? Dylan was right against the one we made from the cut out kit in ‘Match’ magazine.

    Pls take that bar code off it, it’s hurting my eyes.

  3. ukbettcentral

    Great story! Lots of work went into this one. I appreciate that. I see so many story with little content. Come check out my story and let know what you think…?

  4. Have you actually mowed your lawn?

  5. You need to keep doing it (and by that I mean more than twice a year). And are you going to put your spammer correct and tell them that absolutely no work went into this one at all so they shouldn’t be going around appreciating it.

  6. Don’t knock the spam!

    This post took ages…

  7. Please post a pic when you blow that horn! OMG LOL ROFL…etc!

    • From the oatcake iy is JT’s fault!

      Today’s rumour: Courts held a further 2 week gagging order on Steve Gerrard’s private life, turns out he got his wife’s sister pregnant (not a 16 year old as previously rumoured).

      Will hit the newspaper in 14 days, the judge held the gagging order to protect the FA while they decide on Capello, and the future of English footy.

      John Terry and the England boys all know about it and JT had a argument with Capello because Gerrard got to keep the captains armband. The tension in the camp was down to JT and half the team saying Gerrard was a disgrace and the other half of the squad backing Gerrard. The press conference was related to the tension and JT wanted Gerrard exposed – they hate each other.

  8. Stephen Foster

    Now that’s what I call a rumour + excellent additional reporting work on the speculation.

    • I heard that rumour on Wednesday, but was too deaf to catch the gory detailia. Thanks for filling us in DB.

      As for the horn thing: such rapier wit 😉

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