I’ve been out on my bike

I’ve ridden on pavements, two abreast in the road, with no safety helmet and my Brazilian flip-flops on instead of sensible cycling “shoes”.

I fitted my sensible saddlebag before I went, took out all the bicycle tools and put in other more essential items like my phone and some money in case I wanted a gin and tonic whilst on the road (I didn’t).  If I knew where my Clarins red lip gloss was I’d have put that in too.

Oh and I didn’t take a spare inner tube or a puncture kit.

It’s called living dangerously.

None of these dogs are related to Rudi

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  1. Reckless and irresponsible. Tut, tut.

  2. Stephen Foster

    Good effort but would of been improved if you were blowing ur vuvuzela.

  3. And would have probably ticked Daftburger’s Less Boring Instead criterion for blog reading too.

    Oh well. Its pressed into service for the Brazil match at the mo.

  4. ridden, abreast, helmet, brazilian, saddlebag, tools, lip gloss…….DB’s head explodes in a fit of Finbar type explosion……….Giggedy……… 😀

  5. Glad to oblige after the earlier disappointment.

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