Mainly 6 yesterday: entirely so today

Happy Birthday Cassia!

And thank you to all the lovely relations and friends who have sent her cards and presents x

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    • Thank you for the greetings. She’s at school at the moment, went in laden down with sweets, a vuvuzela and a cuddly toy plus a 6 badge (thank you Aunty Anna).

      She’ll be reading her birthday wishes online later so keep ’em coming 😉

      And the Animal Atlas arrived too 🙂

  1. Did it? It’s only taken four months. Hope our card arrives in time for her return from school.

  2. Happy Birthday chickster. Is that a new bike….? It rocks!! xxx

  3. Happy Birthday, Cassia! Lots of love x x x x x x Hope to see you soon.

  4. A song, for Cassia. Sing to the tune of ‘happy birthday’.

    CJ is six
    She’s not five
    CJ is a monkey
    And she’s stinky too.

  5. Cassia is stinky pooh

  6. And another.

    Cassia is a princess
    She looks so pretty in pink
    I wonder if that’s her favourite colour?
    It really should be.

    • I think that Gary Barlow one had better watch out: new lyricist on the block for la Robbie et al 😉

  7. It’s the closest this ass is ever going to get to writing poetry.


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