The method in the badness (or the tortoise and the hare)

I was thinking about my Grandpa last night and because it was a birthday the memory centred on a set of stationery I bought him when I was about 10 years old. It was what a 10 year old in the seventies, living in Lincolnshire – not renowned as a centre of excellence in stationery, considered a masculine writing set: cream paper with brown stylised trees.

Henceforth my Grandpa would write on a sheet of that very paper to thank me for that gift and each gift thereafter. When he died I expect he still had a few sheets of it left. I expect as I got older I missed a few of his birthdays or Christmas gifts too. That’s the trouble with me, the intention is all there, but the speed at which I seem to live life costs the follow through on intricate tasks like buying things, wrapping things, addressing things and posting things, which need stamps. Which I hardly ever seem to have. Postcodes I hardly ever seem to have either (sorry FW).

I think quickly about ten things at once usually , I write quickly and I work quickly sometimes too. But in all that fast I lose slow, and slow is what you need to do the things I would like to be better at. So thank you all so much for Cassia’s cards and presents. The intention is that she will write cards and thank you herself – let’s see if I can do it! And Mia’s parents please know I thought of her over a fortnight ago and bought a present, but then I forgot all about the next stages because I had plenty of time and I was thinking a thousand other things. Then yesterday I had no sellotape (although I did have wrapping paper) and I had no jiffy bag (although I am sure there are some somewhere here) and I didn’t have the right kind of stamp and I had no time to visit the Post Office, so I have overcome the obstacles of the card posting, but the present wrapping, packing, queuing ones proved insurmountable.

I will therefore hand it over next week. Wherein my father will do the same for my daughter, so perhaps it’s genetic.

Too many thoughts, not enough stamps.

July 16th – some good people born on this day x

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  1. Over here in SW13 9HP we liked this post a lot – and read it on the day but life got in the way of an instant comment. But this weekend (see one of your earlier blogs re: living slowly), I’ve been trying to be a bit slower this weekend. So that’s my defence.

    And it occurred to me when reading this and when I went to the Post Office to post the parcel that there’s something about Post Office’s which is all about slow. It seems very old fashioned to talk to a proper real life person behind a counter (albeit stuck behind bulletproof glass), weigh the package, get the sticky label, stick it on, hand it over – and then magically ends up where it needs to be. I know there are more modern ways of doing this but there’s a lot to be said for the old, slow way, I’d say. And P.S. – we live opposite a little post office (inside a newsagent so not the fully monty) so the whole posting thing is made a lot easier. I am sure someone in government is trying to close it down as I type. I think I’ll chain myself to it if they try šŸ˜‰

  2. Oh SW13 9HP I think I will always remember you now šŸ™‚

    I know what you mean about the old PO, it is one of the few places where they don’t try to get you to do it all yourself!

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