Nor this

But it is today’s NAP.

I have high hopes because Richard & Richard & Hannon & Hannon train it.

Slight negative: may just need it.

It has been pointed out that the Aquarium News has not been posted this week. There is news, but I would be ashamed to type it. Perhaps later.

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  1. Stephen Foster

    You wrongly accused your daughter of kidnapping a snail, didn’t you…

  2. I hotly deny that. I merely asked her what she thought might have happened.

    I wonder if Purple Moon can run a bit better than a drain today. I wish they wouldn’t run Carraciola.

  3. Stephen Foster

    What horse is that cow supposed to represent?

    I’d be hard put to oppose Age of Aquarius.

  4. Cozmo Jenks? WTF!

    Cosmo smallpiece! 😛

  5. Do you know that when you put your cursor over the link on Stephen’s site it says ‘Expert gambling advice’.

  6. Or be luckier, or have some inside info, or know the right people (nudge, nudge, wink, wink). I’ve lost nothing but it’s your children I worry about. They can’t exist on beans on toast every night! 😉

    Can you email me with some idea about what you want regarding your guest blog. ‘Discover Chine with Dagtburger’. There’s got to be a series in there somewhere! 😀

  7. Ok will do.

    Re: The Nags. I am very undisciplined. I don’t like losing. So I backed Purple Moon this morning and then nearer the race thought Illustrious Blue looked great and I am a great believer in course specialists having once had a share in a sprinter who couldn’t stop winning at Hamilton AFTER we had sold him!

    Sometimes I get info, but too late to make a blog of it 😦

    Still it’s all in the game innit!

  8. Glad to read Carraciola retired today. I saw him after the Ces @ HQ the other year, he was the deepest-chested horse I have ever seen = plenty of room for a massive heart and lungs. Lovely horse.

  9. As long as you enjoy it, it don’t matter duzzit? When I was at University a mate there used to ring this ‘line’ for tips. The man giving the tips was a mathematician and occasionally the bookies got the odds wrong on favourites but I guess that wouldn’t happen now with computers! :-/

    I remember on a 4 horse race he said back all three horses that weren’t the favourite 2ho was big odds on and the other three were something like 6/1, 8/1 and 14/1.. The favourite missed the start! 😉 Both Hills brothers were riding and neither of them won (Was it the Hills brothers, the mind plays tricks) Anyway we won and much beer was drunk. Happy Days! 😀

  10. P.S. Frankie rhymes with w………. Well thats what they called him in the bookies shop I worked at!

  11. That mathematician was repeating Grandad’s rule:

    In small fields back the outsiders because you often get a false pace.

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