Tiny Temper

or the Consumer as a Cash Cow but, moo, at least twice as bovine.

I used to have anger management issues, but I’m fine now. Well more or less. It is best described as “losing it” temporarily. For any bystanders I am aware it is pretty loud and unpleasant and perhaps scary and therefore not at all desirable. So I keep a lid on it. For myself it is experienced as hot rage that makes your heart pound and your blood rush as well as the raising of volume and the flinging of things. So, it’s just as well it doesn’t happen much at all any more. An outburst, a proper outburst, is probably a quarterly occurence with mini-blips in-between.

So having worked so hard on this it does not please me when my blood starts rushing and I get all hot and want to shout on account of a letter from my car insurance company that says:

Re: Your Personal Accident Insurance Policy
Thank you for taking this out with us…

We now have pleasure in enclosing your policy documents…

As we are giving you the first 3 months FREE…the first monthly premium will be deducted automatically by Direct Debit…

I was expecting a renewal document from them anyway for the car, but not this. I have not asked for this insurance and what they have done is transferred my banking details from my car insurance onto a new document I didn’t ask for and called it a Direct Debit. So obviously I had to call them, and the way the conversation unfolded has made my blood boil, literally.

So when I have cooled down I might manage to type the rest, but before I do let me just say this.

I know I didn’t ask for this damn insurance policy because most insurance is a bloody scam and consumers are just frightened or browbeaten into paying for nefarious policies for everything from mobile phones to false teeth, all of which keeps the bloated insurance industry afloat when they are just a bunch of bandits. And you should go and cancel every policy that is not strictly necessary or required by law and see how it doesn’t affect your life and how much more money you have to use more wisely.


Cut the crap and give us your money

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  1. It pays to Go Compare*

    But obviously they didn’t give you the option! They just did that assumption to me one, not Swinton, suffice to say I left them. It also pays to haggle and threaten to leave as repeat business is their lifeblood and they hope you stay with them as they slowly put your premiums up every year, no questions asked, whilst not offering you any of the ‘fantastic’ offers they offer to new customers.

    Having worked for Norwich Union I can only concur with your rant! Rage against the machine, girlfriend! 😀

  2. Well I didn’t give out to the call centre worker, and I said I was aware this was not her doing, but in the end I just had to terminate the conversation because she wound me up and I would have yelled.

    No doubt she was just reading off a script. Oh, the service industries have turned good working folk into drones and I can hardly bear it on their account. let alone mine 😦

  3. You know it’s not doing you any good to hold it all in. Ring back and ask for a supervisor then give it to him/her! It’s what they’re paid for and whilst continuing to work there are perpetuating the machine!

    If they had any morals they’d leave! 😉

  4. Quite.

    Beats Tiny Tears.

  5. Hey, wonderful blog you got here! Keep up the good job

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