“She was Zenyatta. She’s something to believe in.”

I was going to type a brief blog about how I never got good grades in domestic science at school and whether that explained my qualification to run a load of washing through the machine this weekend without noticing I’d also put a tube of toothpaste in with the clothes…

Toothpaste, schmoothpaste, and minor domestic details (irritations) which today included taking the children for an away trip and leaving two of the overnight bags at the door, one containing another tube of toothpaste because I hadn’t yet found the one in the wash.

Sometimes I wonder how I cross the road *safely. 

As I can’t rely on my own self for too much I am going to take jockey Mike Smith’s advice and believe in Zenyatta (as if I didn’t already).  The Super Mare posted her 18th win yesterday at Del Mar.  I normally give a big paddock negative to Spanish Steps and the like on parade but I make an exception to the rule for her.  After all she is Zenyatta, and who needs toothpaste.

*graduating from The Tufty Road Safety Club clearly means nothing in my case

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  1. Stephen Foster

    That’s nice but the noseband is a worry: is she quite genuine?

    • Well it’s a visual aid for the owners, just in case they lose track of the famous pink bow tie on their jockey’s silks as Z toils at the back of the field…

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