“Muscles are like dogs”

Last year on the morning of Sea the Stars famous Arc victory I ran the Southend 10K as a sort of wind down to the physical challenge of cycling to Paris.  This year I had lots of challenges in mind, none of which came off partly due to being really busy, but mainly because I couldn’t breathe properly in February and March and lost a lot of fitness over those months.  I am still struggling to regain it frankly, but I have decided this Arc Day I will run the 10K again and I am going to try to go a bit quicker.  I might have bitten off more than I can chew.  Never the world’s fastest runner (contain your surprise), I have only 8 weeks to train myself to run a little bit quicker than 6 and quarter 10 minute miles.  I don’t know if I can do it, but I am going to give it a wee go.  I seemed to have a bit left in reserve at the end of last year’s event and my preparation the night before involved a curry, cake and a good bit of wine, so perhaps if I cut that out I will knock off a second or two with ease…

You can’t lie on these things either as you have an electronic device attached to your shoe, I reckon I added a good minute to my time last year fiddling around trying to detach the damn thing and chuck it in the great yellow bucket of time.  Time will tell you know.

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  1. Maybe the curry, cake and wine were at the heart of your successful completion.

  2. Stephen Foster

    Just throw a few slices of locust bread into the menu and you’ll be looking at a PB + a new World Record.

  3. At this rate I’ll still be pulping insensible locusts in October to bake the first batch.

    Perhaps custard would serve the purpose instead.

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