We’ve got a clash

That’s what the man on ATR says when they can’t start a race on time at Tramore because a contender is tootlinh down to the start in his own time and they are all on the button at some sand track in the Midlands.

The blog clash is to do with one post having to cover various subjects, plus the internal clash in various subjects, all of which are clashing with my school holiday summer tight timetable where I am under the cosh of a 6 year old. At my end, the din of the clashing would be deafening if I were not already so afflicted.

So forget structure, narrative and well-crafted points.

1) Meet the Molly. He is the son of a father we also have and there is a tale attached (insert tail pun of your choice here), but with no time to tell it you’ll have to wait. This fish is a bit of a bovver boy, it’s his genetic inheritance and he has been rehomed on account of his unsavoury activities down the road. His less fortunate bros were being farmed out to Pets at Home. Yikes. The father is now a reformed character, or a deeply depressed fish, or a fish on it’s last fins all being rather hard to photograph. To be continued…

2) York. Dick Turpin. Will he stay? I don’t know. I’ve been backing Cavalryman all year in the hope he will throw in a run to equal his Arc run. Could today be the day? I dunno. Twice Over has done me over at least once and thrice, so a no no? One thing I can say for certain: the Juddmonte has had small fields recently and whatever the outcome a cracking race is in prospect. Dick seems a bit short, but the Highwayman in York connection seems to have caught people’s imagination.

I’ll be thinking on.

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