“Suspicious and Unexplained”

This is how the Metropolitan Police are treating the death of this poor fellow who worked for MI6.

I am really sorry that this guy has met such a violent and untimely end aged 30; it’s just when you examine the facts revealed so far – found cut up in a holdall in his bath – the suspicious and unexplained statement makes me want to throw a brick at the radio.  You don’t say?

If the Police have nothing to add to the facts could they just not shut the eff up?  The same goes for repeating over and over again that the post-mortem was “inconclusive”.  Of course the Police are probably not repeating it every hour on the hour – that would be the news wouldn’t it?

A terrible thing has happened and thus far it is a hideous mystery.  Please keep quiet about it until there is something material to add. 

What I expect the media will do to fill the factual void is start speculating about the victim’s lifestyle 😦

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  1. Errrm MI6, mystery, intrigue, spy’s, ships that pass in the night….have you missed me? 😀

    • Yes. Actually 🙂

      Hope you’ve been somewhere nice- Blog-on-Sea, DisneyBlog…

      • Nowhere nice. Got a job sort of so you’re keeping me no longer!

        Blog on Sea happens around January/Feb time I’ll send you a picture…….. hold on! :-8

  2. Congratulations on the sort of job!

  3. It would be appropriate to now say it’s working in a Post Office, bdum tish, but that would be a lie!

  4. Did they say what kind of holdall it was. If it were me I probably use one of these:


  5. You should be a red top hack

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