How Rudi rolls

If I ever come back in an afterlife, I wouldn’t mind the pampered life of this kind of lurcher. I’d like to go straight into the pampering phase though please and skip the first six to eight months of starvation, vagrancy and being run over by a car – to be fair it’s not put him off them, so long as he’s a passenger.

Are we there yet?

Keeping an eye on the sheep

Too much fresh air thanks

Riding shotgun on the home leg


He didn’t earn a promotion to get into the front there. On the first morning away the boot closing mechanism went and we spent the week with the thing lashed shut with 25lb fishing line x 2. I didn’t trust it for the journey home and wedged myself in between the girls in the back whilst yer man travellled in some splendour. Not bad for a fawn dog from Navan.

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