Old dog walks, new dog walks

The old dog walks looked like this: wander through hill and vale, forest and beach, swim and fetch (dogs not me) the dog in perfect harmony by my side.

My new dog walks look like this: risk assess area for 25mph running, small furry things and dogs he mayn’t like the look of before removing lead. Spend rest of “walk” running after him in fruitless fashion calling his unheeded name.

I am shortly trying a new thing this morning: a dog walk with another sighthound. A proper ex-racer with height, grace and good manners. Hopefully.

*A few hours lapse*

Faith’s Lad, the racing name of the greyhound we were with more than fulfilled his personal specification and Rudi the Dude (his racing name when he starts his glittering lurcher racing career) was well-mannered too. High class company must’ve rubbed off on him. Good.

Posted on September 12, 2010, in Biophilia, Greyhound racing and tagged , , . Bookmark the permalink. 6 Comments.

  1. You need a new, new (another) dog walk! 😀

    • Class Tricia that’s what that dog of yours is 🙂

      The photos are amazing. He’s wearing either the 5 or 6 jacket so he must’ve been a wide runner. I reckon those are the dogs with more brain. The railers (1 & 2) need the rail to run, wides can navigate their way round under their own steam.

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