Thank Goodness

I’ve been thrown a distraction. The lovely Daisy of our family is a super-talented student of computer graphic design, or something similarly whizzy. I am now a sufficiently aged aunt to be allowed not to remember the detail of things which is quite nice I must say. Anyway, she has asked on Facebook for votes on her graphic novel illustration which is #7 in this link.

I don’t know what the brief was, but it seems to involve cats which is fine by me. Daisy has also reinterpreted the white fluffy cat image in an attractive but kickass way which is very much to my liking, but you are free to make your own decision. I’m not going to sit to your left glaring at you in a Simon Cowellesque manner to make you agree with me. Much.

Go Daisy

Posted on September 23, 2010, in Art, Cats and tagged , , . Bookmark the permalink. 8 Comments.

  1. Done. 41 votes for Daisy now. This reminds me of an Oatcake assault on favourite this and that. Good stuff, Daisy. In fact, they are all good. Far better than the ‘art’ winger puts on his blog. 😦

  2. Thanks guys. I am rather fond of that cat of hers. It’s got cattitude.

  3. It is the most original & the most purrsuasive.

  4. I have worked out what OS worked out about 24 hours ago: how to view the results and I am fed up to see the biggest proportion of votes has gone to #8. It’s a portrayal of a defeated looking female and scared pussy cat.

    Wrong on so many levels.

  5. Cats are just plain evil! 😦

  6. Are you being catist Daftburger? 😉

    Our cat chills like a villain but she’s shorely not evil.

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