I think I have listened to Fleetwood Mac’s classic album so much it is imprinted on me at a molecular level. On Radio 2 on Wednesday night they did this programme about making the album and all the bust-ups and pain going on between the two couples in the band. No wonder Mick Fleetwood ended up so bald (notwithstanding his own divorce).

I thought it would be nice to have a Fleetwood Mac song for a Friday, but it turns out I can’t listen to any one of that album’s songs without hearing another in my head nearly simultaneously. I had it narrowed down to Never Going Back Again or I Don’t Want To Know, but in the end I have gone for the song that jolted me awake from a happy doze the other night, one that I had never heard of.

It’s Stevie Nicks’ Silver Springs. It was meant to be on the Rumours album, but “they” took it off the album and replaced with the more upbeat I Don’t Want To Know. The jocked off Silver Springs is a palpably angry and hurt song wherein she promises to seemingly haunt her erstwhile lover Lindsey Buckingham for the rest of his life. I am not sure how I feel about it actually, it’s a little uncomfortable. I wonder if the cohesive Rumours would have been the same with it on there.

Either way, it’s a brave song and it’s honest. It also fits with the lyrics she wrote on the “other” track “Now you tell me that I’m crazy. That’s nothing that I didn’t know.”

Is there a woman that never got told that by a man I wonder? I certainly have been. More than once. I’ll leave it there otherwise it might end up in a feminist rant and it’s too early for that.

See what Stevie says instead and don’t be fooled by the sweet-sounding docile start.

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  1. That’s not bad for a jocked off track, is it? I think if it had been on Rumours it would seem to be a part of the tapestry and you’d know it as well as Songbird.

    It’s such a key album for our generation because it articulated how your divorce was going to go just as you got started on your first serious rows with with your first serious lover.

    Reducing it to One track would always be Dreams for me – it’s a drummer’s band after all and the break-beat just before the chorus is the single most melancholy off-beat pause in pop history.*

    * if this doesn’t get me into Pseuds’ Corner nothing will

  2. I like it I think, the contrast with the hope at the gentle start and the bitterness at the shouting end. I expect you are right about the tapestry bit.

    Do you think Pseuds should wear hats when they are in a corner?

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