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I’m retweeting this story from Daftburger. It’s about a certain Miracle Bobby. Don’t get this confused with Miracle Bob, the dog I mentioned some while back, this may be even more remarkable! Over to Mr Burger:

A week last Thursday I came home and the wife had a canary in the kitchen who had just walked into the house. Now me not thinking straight, after a hard days work at my sort of job, said we’d better let it go as it may have eggs! I know, I know.

So let it go they did. And could you blame them. If someone had asked me to make an animal welfare decision after a day of making badges in a tent for children in my sort of job, I too would have done some muddled thinking. But yet:

Anyway the amazing thing is after three days of regret and general sadness he came back! We opened the door and in he jumped! We were so happy and now he’s living with us and dominates our sad little lives.

Makemeadiva notes that Mr & Mrs Burger’s life is probably a whole lot less sad than her own (note incontinent pet, half-dead fish and crippled toes…) but these things are, of course, subjective.

So now for the great reveal of Miracle Bobby, but not before we have some explanatory notes from his saviour Mr DB, who for all his lyrical swagger on the commentary sections of various blogs is probably softer than a liddle puddy cat 😉

Well what fun I’ve had trying to get a picture of the miracle man!

Since his first incarnation when he walked around as if he owned the place, and he now does, he is reluctant to come out of his cage, which he was incarcerated in on his return! He’s been out once but all he did was go on the highest curtain rail and he wasn’t coming down. He’s a lot more settled now but i’ll leave him to come out later.

So to get a picture of him without his bars, which I don’t feel comfortable keeping him in, humans eh? He does seem happy enough and perhaps feels safer in there after his three days, that we know of, in the wild who can blame him? He was singing his heart out this morning.

Whichever way you want to cut it, it’s a collective aaaaahhhh ain’t it?

NB: No Bars Bobby Burger – he’s electing to stay on his warm comfy perch even as he’s offered the keys to the kingdom.

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  1. I don’t know much about birds but are we certain that’s a Canary? It looks a bit of a fatso to me.

    Ahhh @burger’swaifsandstrays btw

  2. Dear Mr Foster

    You sir are obviously ignorant in the ways of the canary world. Just cause them yokels where you come from** think all canaries are yellow doesn’t excuse your ignorance and as a supposed educated man I’m frankly disappointed! 😀

    FYI Bobby is a Spanish Timbrado……….bleeding foreigners coming here eating everything* and taking our bird cages!

    *He’s not fat the picture was taken at night and it was cold, (I refuse to put the heating on before november, I don’t want people thinking I’m soft! :-P) and he’d ‘fluffed’ up! Diva has a ‘thin’ photo. He does eat non stop but he loves lettuce so thats ok!

    ** Yeovil could just as easily call themselves ‘The Canaries’.

    Thanks Diva xx

  3. That’s your story anyway.

    The Truth: the lettuce is wrapped up in a oatcake.

  4. No oiatcake would ever be wasted on and animal* or bird.

    * ‘cept Zen of course! 😉

  5. I’ll be posting the thin photo

    *Hold on*

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