The Incredible Miracle Bobby Sheds Centimetres

There’s been a bit of argy-bargy (can I say that? what’s the provenance? let’s hope it’s nowt to do with gauchos) about Bobby Burger the Canary’s diet.

Certain parties have been saying he must be snacking on oatcakes (whatever those are (*stands by to be pelted with them*)), but his adoring keeper says otherwise and sagely points out I have the photographic proof herewith.

Here now listen. I’ve been checking this out and there might be a difference between puffing and fluffing ones feathers up. Which is it DB in the last photo? Does Bobby puff or fluff?

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    Check out Budgieman for clarification.

    Suspect puffing. *Standing by*

  2. Having originally put ‘fluffing’ I realised, too late, that this has other connotations that I don’t understand! 😛

    Anyway contentment will do for me although i’m sure he does it when he’s cold!

  3. I saw a flock of those in Chiswick once, near the tube station.

    My Great-Grandmother who lived in Leicester, but was from near Haydock racecourse kept a green budgie.

    She used to take it with her when she went away (not often).

    • Mrs DB wants to take Bobby on walks* around the nearby park! 😀

      *Us walking carrying his cage not him with a little dog lead on. I suppose we could take him for a hover!

  4. Staffordshire Oatcakes, duck:

    Bobby might be a bit tired for a walk after all that scoffing, why not just take him a ride on a buz?

  5. Is that duck as in quack? Or duck as in *lobs a stale oatcake*

  6. It’s a galette!

  7. duck is Stokie for Sweetheart, love, pet, hen, etc. It’s a term of endearment.

    Someone was arrested for chucking oatcakes at a match once, the editor of our fanzine!

  8. Gallette 🙂 More of a Stoke Chappati, we are a repressed minority after all.

    It’s duck as in …. Oh, I’ll let Burger explain it – I imagine he’ll have his inimitable* way : )

  9. he has not let me down.

    He chucked it at Alan Ball too, so really he should have been awarded an OBE.

  10. p.s. there was no argy bargy it’s how we talk to each other innereet duck?

  11. I’ve a lot to learn.

    I recall in the land of the Yeller belly (not China) that Rita used to say alreet duck to us. And bring us florentines from the bakers. How glamorous we were amongst the brassica and sugar beet.

  12. I remember being called duckie but not the florentines.

    We get a lot of green parakeets round these parts. I am happy for them to stay in the trees and not pop in for a cuppa. Although that Bob does look cute for a bird

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