For the London Sorority: Ian Shaw does Joni Mitchell

Here you two, remember the trips to see Ian @ the Vortex? And were either of you in da house when Seal popped in in that big old ankle-length ethnic knit? Not much by Ian on the old You Tubester, so this will have to do. Oh and don’t forget all that Heavy Metal and Folk Vinyl over the road in that second-hand record shop (what was it called?), notwithstanding the fact I found it cheaper to borrow it from the library and forget to take it back. Ever…

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  1. I loved the Vortex (London’s listening jazz club with serious grief from the owner if you talked over the performance). There’s some jazz festival in town and I thought I’d go see Ian S but then saw he was playing somewhere in South East London which put me off. But I will to see him again. I was there when Seal was there.
    God know I need to remember what that record shop was called. I’ll google it.

  2. Damn that missed opportunity. One of us could have been Heidi Klum.

    Was it called Magpie records? Is it on your poster?

  3. I don’t know what the record shop is called, but have fond memories of seeing Ian Shaw at Barracuda. I think he thought we were all slightly insane though. I’ll never forget the time I was there with Finkywink and, after she told her ex boyfriend’s table to shut the f*** up, proceeded to stick her tongue out for a sustained period of time when they gave her shit. Go sis!

  4. Later I will consult the poster. I’m not sure it was Magpie records, but the pub was the Magpie and Stump. As for sticking my tongue out, did I really. We saw Toby when he was in town from the US the other week incidentally.

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