Miracle Bobby turns Arc tipster

Here’s Bobby the Canary checking out the runners in today’s big race.

And he makes his choice

It’s a head-to-head here Miracle Bobby says Bekhabad. Makemeadiva says she’s not sure…

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  1. He’s not saying it’s going to run shit is he?!

    • You’ve got me worried now and to muddy the waters further, his first action was to drop seed on Fame and Glory so maybe he is saying that and Fame and Glory will win it! :-O

      • I think I prefer that reading of the runes:

        Fame & Glory wins the birdseed
        Fav runs shit


  2. Well he did seem to be saying Workforce but it’s difficult to tell with his Spanish accent! 😀

    Wiener Walzer ‘snigger’

  3. Well at least he didn’t go for the obvious one: Plumania.

    No wonder OS says he thinks a Mad Hatter might pop up on this blog. I think it just popped up.

    *Gets back in teapot*

  4. Some beautiful women there! 😀

  5. Good god in heaven – I am utterly amazed.

    I take my hat off to Sir Michael, a stunning training performance.

    Apologies from me Daftburger.

  6. Permission to say Oh cock!

  7. As soon as they entered him late I had a feeling. Bobby has now retired from shitting on paper. He’s singing his little head off now, very happy! Maybe he was saying Workforce earlier! 😀

  8. Permission granted. I never imagined he could get him back. What a performance by the trainer.

  9. Bobby still has his Stoke record to fall back on though.

  10. Don’t worry if I’d invested any money on it it wouldn’t have won!

  11. Stephen Foster

    The stewards ought to have gave it Lope de Vega; the effing barge the winner treated my horse to on the way through was a sending off offence.

  12. All I’ll say to him is look at the clock time for the Derby. I guess people who don’t beat records aren’t all champions, by his reasoning, even if they beat the times of all before them?

    Permission to say cock again!

    Did you back goldilocks?

  13. I never back her. I enjoy the spectacle. I think the whole road heard me shouting C’mon Dick, C’mon the Boy.


    But it was the right result. I hope Dick Turpin stays in training next year. I think he might, the owner seems the sporting type.

  14. Stephen Foster

    As they say in Stoke, ‘Arsenal got a good dicking, duck.’

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