My Driving Licence

I have had a full one for about twenty years now and it is a clean as a whistle, despite my being stopped doing in excess of 110 mph on the M4 once. I have never collected a single point which, considering some of the driving I have gone in for, is a minor miracle. This is by no means a boast though, it is actually more of a Thank God For That because if they wanted to put points on my licence I have no idea where it has got to.

I don’t think I have seen the tattered piece of pink and green paper since the last Tory government, but as I never hire cars or collect points it doesn’t seem to have mattered.
Now though, it does. I have some other government form that needs to know if I have a licence and what the driver number is. I know I wrote that number down once as a precaution in the event of the paper licence being lost, but I can’t remember where I wrote it and anyway I have probably lost that too. I do have a vague awareness of the formula the DVLA use to produce driver numbers and that gets me nearly all the way there to producing the right number for the form barring the last two letters/numbers. I forget which.

So now I have ruled out concocting the right driver’s number for the form, I have a problem. The DVLA are cool though. On their online form they say, don’t worry, just tell us the last address that the licence was registered at. And I can’t remember. Well I can guess and I think it was Allerton Road N16, but I can’t remember the number. And I can’t get it off Google Maps so far. The only way I can really nail the right number is to go to Stoke Newington and go down the road and check the houses opposite and work it out that way. I think it’s forty-something, like me.

Now, how in the hell have I managed to get so damn disorganised? And whilst I faff about thinking about going to Stoke Newington the official form I need to send off molders on the mantlepiece. I have had two eminently sensible and organised people tell me to call the DVLA but there is never going to be the right day to invite that kind of stress into my life. Any volunteers?

Somewhere near here: Clissold Park

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  1. I think it might have been 48? Does that ring any bells?

  2. Maybe you need to find an elder from the family who has an out-dated address book? Or could you Google the guy you used to work for and contact him to ask him?

  3. No, he hates me. I don’t like him much either.

    I left under a cloud!

  4. I think I’ll call them with 48 as my first and final offer. I’ll pretend I’m that Phil bloke off Location etc. It will put me in the right frame of mind for dealing with them. I’m going to do it now before I have to go out.

    • I made the call! Phone calls before lunch *pats on back all round* I need a D1 form, 20 quid and a list of where think I might’ve ever lived ever since I passed my test. I think there are about 6 addresses. Perhaps it was registered @ Mount Pleasant Lane… Anyway, they can work it out. At least I will be getting my money’s worth. 🙂

  5. Is it a white house with a blue door? 😀

  6. No it was a red door, but they may have painted it since 1991

  7. Well it’s light blue and would you be able to paint over a red door with light blue?

    Is it just down the road from the medical centre*?

    * probably built since 1991.

  8. Oh you are clever – I couldn’t make street view work. Light blue over red might need a primer first. Possible.

    Maybe it was 42?

  9. Isn’t 42 the meaning of life?

  10. I could make my photographer friend who lives in the water tower walk down the road taking photographs of the doors? That wouldn’t look suspicious, would it?

  11. Maybe it was 48 as the house two doors down from 52 has a reddish door. Did next door have a privet hedge? It’s difficult as some don’t have house numbers!

    Was there a wheel barrow in the garden and some work going on? LOL

  12. Daftburger – thanks for this. I do think it is the white house with the blue door on the right next to the white house with the paler blue door on the right.

    Can you see what number it is? I can’t even when I zoom and squint.

    *stands by with D1 form and 20 quid*

  13. Light blue is deffo 48.

    Now blog sommat else! 😉

  14. I was putting money on #40. Feeling wistful for Clissold Park and all things Stokey. I too need to sort out driving licence with new address (that I moved to over four years ago) – where it is, anyone’s guess although I’m sure it was near the washing machine for a while

  15. Why am I chuckling? I can’t believe this sort of stuff goes on in the world. Is it really so chaotic! *Still giggling. 🙂


  16. You, OS, are the only responsible adult round these sides 🙂

  17. D’ya think? Ok, you too x

  18. You and me, then, WBWC. I have a system: I know where everything is. LOL.

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