That’s what’s in most shops as far as I am concerned. Tat, crap and rubbish. And what I can’t understand is why there are so many people wandering around them looking so happy to be diverted from life by all this shit piled high. I tell you, that really is one of life’s complete mysteries to me.

Christian Boltanski and "No Man's Land"

More on Boltanski here

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  1. it can only get worse as the C word approaches:
    piles of overpackaged and overpriced stuff that you could buy for Auntie Flo:
    traffic jams, queues, same old music, same old seasonal tat:
    from next month on, I shall be keeping away:
    December spoils my shopping mojo:

  2. Quite like that turquoise t-shirt behind his head. Is it for sale?

    • I’ve actually mispresented what the installation was about but if you can’t project your own crap onto other people’s sometimes what else is there 😉

      Xmas is XXXX!

  3. shopping = gopping .
    (Although I like it in Liberty and my local bookshop.)

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