Becoming Sitzfleisch

Perfect for slipping out the back door

Sitzfleisch being a useful German word I am aiming for on a Tuesday, the day when I spend a long time in my seat at Anglia Ruskin University trying to concentrate all afternoon. Literally translated sitzfleisch is seat meat, which might even sound better? Anyway the wider meaning of sitzfleisch is to do with an ability to endure and concentrate for long periods whilst seated.

So, even though I am a slab of prime sitzfleisch laid out in Room 103 (too close to 101 for comfort?), I have never actually achieved the aspirational state of seated endurance. I always sit near the door so I can escape without explanation outside the permitted break time, a habit which mirrors much of my school career, although I usually left the classroom before I actually arrived back in the day…

One time I was cross with my “table” in primary school, so I just got up, walked out of the class and walked home, admittedly only round the corner. Once I there I was locked out so I did the obvious thing and hid behind the woodpile. As you do.

The French have a phrase for that kind of behaviour too: Plus ça change (plus c’est la même chose).

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  1. wonder what the vegetarian version is?

  2. If the dining room top window was open you could give me a leg up and I think we used a stick or a spade or something to open the bottom window and climb in. Or perhaps when I was small enough I was just catapulted through the top window.

    Was is Mrs Saxby’s class you walked out of and why were you cross with the rest of your table? I don’t remember much of brillianced about the primary school. Recently I was mapping out my walk to the bus stop (for High School) on street view on Google maps! A virtual trip down a visual memory lane – the duck pond had a massive fence

  3. A massive fence on Mill Lane? Oh no.

    It was Mrs or Mr Pullen’s class I think, but Mrs Saxby was on the rescue mission to the woodpile!

  4. New names.

    Sitzfleischnal – football team.
    Sitzfleischne Wenger – football team manager.
    ‘You Darling are a complete Sitzfleisch’ – General Melchet line in Blackadder Goes Forth!

    Am I getting the idea?

    • Well the meaning is what the reader chooses to make of it. That is wot I have been taught…

      • No big word to describe it? 😉

        Can I be the first to say ‘Ooooh no Paloma Vivanco’. You can use that to impress your friends whilst discussing ‘The Apprentice’ tomorrow! 😀

      • I am not a televisualist so I wouldn’t be discussing it.

        Couch Potato / Seat Meat: there’s a whole tv dinner in that combination 😉

  5. What a useless mother you both had. Inedible packed lunches, unbearable school(s)…….

    • I think, strictly speaking, you were a 70s mother. And things were different back then…

      Who mentioned packed lunch?

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